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We are committed to providing you with a service that is personal, professional and effective. You will receive a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation package of care designed specifically to meet your individual needs and goals.

The beauty of the personalised Phyzio2Go service is that you don't have to go anywhere - we come to you...

Our Referring Surgeons

Doug Campbell ChM, FRCS.Ed, FRCS(Orth), FFSEM(UK)

Doug Campbell is a consultant Hand and Wrist Surgeon based in Leeds, Yorkshire, U.K.  In addition to his practice at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals based around general Hand Surgery, he has established an internationally renowned clinical service focussing on the complex conditions of the hand and wrist. This in turn has led him to develop a prominent clinical reputation in the field of sports injuries and problems relating to the upper limb.

Mr Campbell is a member of the Medical Advisory Board of the European PGA Tour and also acts as the Specialist Medical Advisor to a number of professional football clubs, rugby league and union clubs, County Cricket Clubs and U.K gymnastics.

He is consultant to the Northern Ballet Company and additionally treats professional musicians.

His private practice is based at Spire Hospital Leeds. Phyzio2Go consists of a dedicated team of Chartered, State Registered Physiotherapists whom Doug Campbell works with both in his NHS and Private Practice. Phyzio2Go specialise in treating hands, upper limbs and the reconstructive specialist surgery that Mr. Campbell performs.


Rob Farnell MB BS, FRCS(Eng), FRCS(Trauma & Orth)

Mr Robert Farnell is a specialist Consultant Orthopaedic Hand and Wrist Surgeon in Leeds, U.K.  He was appointed Consultant Hand and Wrist Surgeon for the Leeds Teaching Hospitals in 2002 where he works as a specialist surgeon treating conditions affecting the hand and wrist.  In addition to the treatment of common complaints, he provides a service for the management of complex conditions that are referred from other surgeons throughout the region.

Mr Farnell is the founder and Secretary of the Yorkshire Wrist Society which provides an invaluable forum for other Orthopaedic surgeons to meet and discuss complex cases. He regularly teaches other surgeons techniques of hand and wrist fracture fixation as one of the AO UK faculty.

Areas of his surgical expertise include all trauma related injuries, particularly fractures of the wrist and hand, wrist and finger arthritic conditions, arthroscopic procedures, ligament injuries and wrist or hand unexplained pain. He also deals with and operates on peripheral nerve entrapments, Dupuytren’s disease, trigger finger/thumb and other soft tissue injures or repetitive strain injuries.

Mr Farnell refers solely to Phyzio2Go due to their specialist expertise as Hand Therapists who appreciate specific hand conditions and the importance of individualised specialist therapy protocols

Private Insurance

If you have private insurance and wish to cover the costs through them, you must first inform them of your injury and subsequent referral to Phyzio2Go from your consultant.

Your insurance company should issue you with an authorisation code, stating either a monetary limit or a set number of sessions. This information must be passed to your therapist on the initial consultation.

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We are unable to cover patients that are insured through BUPA however you may choose to self fund.